Overview of our services

For $35/mo your dealership has unlimited access to create/edit applications, generate pre-filled PDF credit applications, and the ability to export your customer database as an Excel spreadsheet. Also included is the custom code necessary to integrate our credit application on your website.

For an additional $20/month your account is alloted with 10 credits to generate pre-filled PDF paperwork from your database. If your need exceeds this number, an additional allotment of 10 credits will be billed to your account for $5/mo per 10 credit blocks.

For an additional $5/mo you can create sub-accounts for all of your sales people. Reports can be instantly generated to show you how many applications have been taken, and by whom. Each computer in your office can stay logged in all-day to take new applications. See who your best performers are!

Your customer's data is secure between our site and your computer through our industry standard GoDaddy SSL certificate. Your customer database is also backed up throughout the day to a secure offsite cloud server. We hold your records for the required 7 years or more.

Wish you could take a credit application anywhere, at any time? For an additional $5/mo we will provide an iPhone, iPad, and Android formatted credit application that can be filled and submitted out on the lot or your next show without the need of a PC or even an office. Capture that lead in any location with ease!

Do you have your own paperwork that needs to be pre-filled with your customer's information? Contact Support and we would be more than happy to review your needs and work out a solution that fits you. We can also design paperwork for you.

How we work

Our idea was to take the hassle out of creating, managing, and storing customer paperwork. Clerical errors, a change in terms, or a change in names can be a big waste of time having to retype all of the same paperwork again. Our service keeps your customer's information in a secure database which we use to prepopulate a multitude of state and your own custom forms in a downloadable and saveable PDF file.

A visitor on your website clicks on the link to apply for financing, or a new application is manually entered in your Application Manager. After their data is submitted, a copy is automatically emailed to you, and directly imported into your customer database. When the customer comes in, a pre-filled PDF credit application can be printed for the customer to sign, and then faxed to lenders for financing.
The Application Manager allows you to enter home and loan information to calculate payments. If approved for financing, an Approval Letter with payment information can be printed for the customer to sign. If using the Contract Module add-on, you can then enter home and loan information to generate a complete loan packet that is pre-filled with your customer's information.
All of your customer's details are securely stored on our server, where we will maintain the archive for at least the minimum required time, or until you request they be purged. You can search your archive for past applicants that may now be eligible, and contact them with the information you have entered. Contact Support if you would be interested in an email marketing campaign or postcard/flyer mailout.