Sign-Up for Services

CORE Services - $55/month

Each month your dealership will have unlimited access to:

  • Application Manager
    This is the main tool where all of your customers will start. By creating a new application through the online service or through your website, you can enter customer information to generate estimated payment information and print Approval Letters. By updating the status on the application, you can send the application to the Contract Module, or it can be Denied and archived in our secure database.
  • Online Credit Application
    Upon signup, we will provide you with custom code to integrate our online credit application on your website. When a customer clicks on that link on your site and submits an application, the details will be automatically emailed to you and imported into the Application Manager.
  • Prepopulated PDF Credit Application
    Once your customer's credit profile is complete, you have the option to print a PDF that contains your customer's information pre-filled in all the right places. Get your customer to sign it and file it away, or fax it to other lenders that may finance the loan.
  • Create unlimited sub-accounts for all of your employees. They will be able to login at their own computer with a username/password that you control to allow them limited access to the Application Manager. Keep track of how many applications your sales people are taking, and also see how many leads came from your website. Combined with the Smartphone Module, your team can capture that lead from anywhere at any time!

    Create that new applicant with the technology in your hand. This add-on provides you and your customers a smartphone friendly version of our credit application. With an easy to read format and quick response, your dealership now has the ability to capture that lead in the middle of that new home the new customer is standing in. The application is instantly emailed and imported into your database where finance can process their credit and get that deal closed.

    The Contract module allows you to generate a pre-filled TXMHA Retail Sales Contract, complete with TDHCA and state/federal required paperwork in PDF format with all of the customer's information pre-filled into the right places. Print it online, or have it emailed to you instantly, and all your customer has to do is sign! Each month your account will be credited with 10 Contract Generation Credits. Each credit allows you to generate the pre-filled contract with your customer's information and complete home information.

    Documents included in the complete loan packet (for TDHCA licensed dealers):

    • Document Checklist
    • Check Draft Authorization Form
    • Important Health Notice
    • Portfolio Assignment by Seller
    • Property Location & Personal Reference Information
    • Arbitration Agreement
    • Consumer Insulation Information
    • Important Notice Regarding Your Property Taxes
    • Notice of Negative Information
    • Customer Credit Authorization Form
    • Compliance Agreement
    • USA Patriot Act - Customer Identification Notification
    Retail Installment Sales Contract Security Agreement and Disclosure Statement
    • Retailer Limited Warranty of New Home Installation
    • Site Preparation Notice
    • Consumer Disclosure Statement
    • Disclosure to Consumer (Need to vacate home if financing does not close)
    • Installation Anticipated Date and Designated Contact Person
    • Important Notice to Home Loan Borrowers
    • Voluntary Waiver of 24-hour Notice
    • Application for Statement of Ownership and Location (SOL)
    • HUD Required Installation Program Disclosure to Consumer
    • HUD Disclosure to Consumer Regarding Dispute Resolution
    • Appointment of Tax Agent
    • Application for Residential Homestead Exemption

    Custom paperwork - contact support

    If your dealership has it's own set of paperwork that you would like included, or would like to have certain pages replaced, we would gladly design a document packet or multiple document sets that you would like to be pre-filled with customer information. Our designers will work with you to make sure we generate high-quality crystal-clear documents. We can also work with you to design a document from scratch, or convert an existing one to be used on our system with your information. Send us a message and we will contact you to design a solution that meets your needs.

    10 Additional Contract Generation Credits - $5/pack

    Each month your monthly service includes 10 contract generation credits. That means each time you go to the Contract Generation page and click 'Make PDF' a credit is deducted from your monthly allotment. If you go over the 10 credits in any given month, we will automatically add another pack of 10 credits to your account at the rate of $5/pack.